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Connecting to your Home PC Easily in 3 steps

Being able to connect to your home PC remotely is easily doable today. Sometimes you have files on your home PC or need to be able to access your personal computer on the go. If you have never tried this, it is easier than ever to do today. There are a few steps you need to complete before you get started.

Step 1: Find your homes IP address

Step 2: Connect your IP address to a DNS forwarder such as noip to keep tabs on your home IP address and make it easy to remember.

Step 3: Use a program such as Splashtop or UltraVNC (x64) (x86)

After you have completed these steps the next important step is to leave your computer running. When you need to access your computer, download the client software for Splashtop or UltraVNC and connect to your home computer by entering your DNS address or home IP address.